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Paddock Weed Control

Paddock Weed Control evolved from the necessity of having to spray the weeds in our own paddock, and the difficulty in finding and arranging an available and economical contractor. Borne from this was the concept of Paddock Weed Control running in conjunction with our horse transportation.

We are now registered with the NRoSO (National Register of Sprayer Operators – membership no. 00025438) providing continuing professional development in this specialist field.

We use an ATV quad bike mounted with a rear spray boom with the option also of a hand held lance for hedgerows and difficult to reach areas. Using an ATV enables us to access areas unsuitable for normal vehicles or 4x4s.

Weed Control

The problem of weeds in paddocks is that they will always be present. Grass paddocks are prone to broad leafed weeds due to the constant pressure from grazing animals, particularly around feeding areas and gateways.

Unfortunately, some of the weeds which normally colonise these areas can be toxic to horses. Ragwort is probably the most dangerous because it is highly toxic to grazing animals. In addition weeds such as perennial thistles can be harmful to the mouth and be difficult to digest. Paddock Weed Control has a wealth of experience in dealing with these weeds and can advise on a course of control measures.

Over the years advances have been made in more environmental spray chemicals and application methods. There are sprays available to combat the weeds on more of an individual basis which makes them safer to use and safer towards the surrounding environment.


It’s always been well known that you can’t keep taking from the ground without giving something back! Continuously grazed paddocks can cause the grass to become weak and lack sustenance for horses which are relying on this for a food source. We can obtain a wide range of liquid fertilisers which offer a rapid boost to grass growth when the pasture is under pressure. These may also include a range of trace elements such as magnesium or zinc which are vital for the promotion of a healthy grass paddock.

  Membership Number: 00025438

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